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Excerpts from

Ljubica Stefan
Zagreb, 1993

Serbia: Quisling Collaboration with the Occupier during the period of the Third Reich with reference to Genocide against the Jewish people

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I. The Yids
II. Judenfrei
III. Philosemites

Croatia is one of those European states that had a quisling government in power during the Second World War. There is in Croatia a very highly developed degree of awareness about all World War II themes, as well as of sensibility about all questions linked with anti-semitism.

The best testimony as to the Croatian view of its own past is given by this excerpt from p. 465 of the book written by the Croatian historian, and now President, Franjo Tudjman, "Wastelands" (Bespuca):

"...It is a historical fact that the Ustasha regime of the Independent State of Croatia (NDH) in the execution of its plans for the reduction of the 'hostile Serbian orthodox population in the Croatian lands' carried out an enormous and genocidal crime against the Serbs, and relatively, a still greater crime against the gypsies and Jews, in its implementation of the Nazi war policy."

And precisely because of this knowledge, precisely as a result of a highly significant and multi-layered collective memory, the Croats have an exceptionally high degree of sensitivity about these matters.

The present over-view looks briefly at the availability of the documentation about, and the growth and shapes of, the anti- semitism that culminated during the Second World War in neighbouring Serbia.

(Ljubica Stefan was awarded the Medal of the Righteous Among the Nations by the Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Authority, Jerusalem, Israel)

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