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Croatian coat of Arm


Croatian coat of Arm

09th December 2019.
Kolinda began an election campaign for second term from Dražice her birthplace

Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic, presidental election

Croatian President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović, who is running for her second term in office, at midnight on Wednesday, 4th December formally launched her campaign in Dražice, in the hinterland of Rijeka, which is her birthplace.

Addressing a crowd in the local cultural centre, the incumbent president recalled that she also launched the campaign for her first term in her birthplace five years ago.

She said during her campaign trail tour this time, she would travel through Croatia from its southernmost peninsula of Prevlaka to the eastern town of Vukovar.

"I believe that Croatia can become one of the most prosperous countries, but that cannot be achieved overnight," she said presenting her seven-point agenda for her re-election.

Commenting on the past five years, the president said that Croatia was no longer in a recession.

"The economic indicators are not the worst in Europe, wages grow higher, although still insufficiently, emigration is abating, and some of those who have left the country are returning home and we have also restored the dignity of war veterans," she said.

She also said that her campaign would be free of arrogance and despondency as well as of divisions.

Croatia's presidential election is set for 22 December.


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12 Presidential Candidate Petitions Submitted

The Croatian State Election Commission received 12 candidate petitions for the December 22 presidential election by the deadline of midnight on Tuesday, but one of them has been found not to be backed up by the required 10,000 signatures.

One petition does not have signatures, but was filed anyway because it was submitted on a proper form," the deputy head of the State Election Commission, Vesna Fabijančić Križanić, told a press conference after the expiry of the deadline for submission of candidacies at midnight.

The names of the candidates is here.

 canditates for croatian presidental elections 2019

The presidental election campaigne formally started on Thursday and will be allowed until midnight on December 20.

The candidates will be required to submit their initial financial reports seven days before election day, accounting for all the donations, costs and media advertising discounts.

Among the potential candidates are three women: the incumbent Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović, who backed up her candidacy with 232,000 signatures, Workers' Front candidate Katarina Peović and START leader Dalija Orešković, who was last to hand in her petition, doing so shortly before midnight.

Also running are former Social Democratic Party prime minister Zoran Milanović, singer Miroslav Škoro, former judge and current member of the European Parliament Mislav Kolakušić, economist Dejan Kovač, leader of the right-wing Desno party Anto Đapić, film director Dario Juričan who goes by the name of Milan Bandić, member of the Croatian Parliament Ivan Pernar, leader of the all-Croatian party of speakers of Chakavian, Kajkavian and Shtokavian dialects Nedjeljko Babić, and independent candidate Slobodan Midžić, who presented his petition supported by his own signature only.

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