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PAMMay 12, 2015.
PAM hearing in Morocco on the “Protection of Cultural Heritage threatened with Destruction”

The 3rd Standing Committee on Human Rights and Dialogue of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean will hold on 14-15 May 2015, in Rabat, Morocco, a hearing dedicated to the urgent and important topic on the ‘Protection of World Cultural Heritage threatened with Destruction’.

The two day meeting, which will be hosted by the Moroccan Parliament under the High Patronage of His
Majesty King Mohammed VI, will address this crucial issue, as part of PAM’s response to the urgent call
by both the UN Secretary General and the UN Security Council (Resolution S/RES/2199(2015) para. 15,
16 and 17), to international organizations to mobilize their constituencies and capabilities to protect the
Cultural Heritage from destruction, looting, smuggling, and illegal trade by criminal and terrorist
organizations, especially in view of the latest episodes of destruction of historical sites and museum in
Iraq by DAESH hordes, and the threat to do the same also in Libya.

The three session debate will be dedicated respectively to: World Heritag - a richness of culture and the
human footprint; International conventions on protection of the world cultural heritage; The role of
National Parliaments and Inter-Parliamentary Organizations in protecting and restoring world cultural
PAM has coordinated preparations for this debate with the Office of the UNESCO’s Director General in
Paris, and other international institutions involved in the protection of the world’s cultural and historical
heritage. A number of prominent keynote speakers will be contributing to the event.

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