24th March,2015.
Croatian government to Launch ‘Let’s Get EU Funds Together’ Campaign to Help Boost Economy.

From 2007-2013 1.45 billion euros in EU funds were available to Croatia, but it only managed to access 45% of those. A new campaign launched by the Croatian government this week hopes that it will help drastically improve that over the next period of funding…

With more than 10 billion euros available for Croatia’s to access from European Union structural and investment funds from 2014-2020, the government has launched the ‘Let’s Get EU Funds Together’. In March and April Ministries will promote how to access and use EU funds in a series of presentations starting in Zagreb on Tuesday.

Apart from Zagreb, the government will present in Osijek, Rijeka, Split, and Varaždin, helping small and medium businesses target and obtain important EU funds which can help play a part in kick-starting Croatia’s economy. Areas which the government are expected to focus on include rural development and agriculture, cultural heritage and social infrastructure and employment.

by: croatiaweek.com/hic



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