17th June ,2019
Croatian president Kolinda Grabar KitaroviŠ about presidential election

predsjednica u Rijeci

Croatian President Kolinda Grabar-KitaroviŠsaid on Saturday that there was too much talk about elections and election campaigning. Croatia should be concentrated on vital issues such as creating new jobs, keeping young people in the country and development of Croatian cities.

During her visit to Rijeka on the occasion of the Day of Saint Vitus, the patron saint of that Adriatic seaport, the president was asked by the press whether it would be now an opportune moment for her to announce in her hometown whether she would run for her second term.

Grabar-KitaroviŠ, whose five-year presidential term expires in February 2020, answered "All in good time". "Let me perform my duty. We should not talk about elections six months," the president said.

"I think that we too much talk about elections and election campaigns in Croatia. Let us be focused on the vital issues: creating new jobs, keeping the youth in Croatia, and developing Rijeka and other our cities. If we keep incessantly thinking of campaigns, we do not have enough time to do our job."

The president then extended her best wishes to Rijeka residents for that local holiday, and joined a procession which takes place in the town centre on the occasion of Saint Vitus' Day, celebrated on 15 June(total-croatia-news.com).

Kolinda met with the leadership and members of Rijeka’s “Klub 100 kapi”

The President of the Republic Kolinda Grabar-KitaroviŠ met with the leadership and members of Rijeka’s “Klub 100 kapi” [Volunteer Blood Donors] and subsequently joined a procession on the occasion of St. Vitus Day, patron saint of the Archdiocese of Rijeka, St. Vitus’ Cathedral and the City of Rijeka.

When visiting the “Klub 100 kapi” of Rijeka, President Grabar-KitaroviŠ thanked them on her behalf and on that of the people they helped by donating blood. She said that in this respect Croatia is one of the most humane States in the world, because blood is sold in many countries. She announced that a meeting of all Croatian blood donor clubs will be organized in her office.

The “Klub 100 kapi” in the scope of the City of Rijeka’s Red Cross Society is a gathering of blood donors, men with 100 blood donations or more and women with 75 blood donations or more, individuals who have donated blood practically all their working life.

After her visit to the “Klub 100 kapi”, President Grabar-KitaroviŠ joined a formal procession, which started at St. Vitus’ Cathedral and ended at the Resolution Square where a central mass celebrated by the Archbishop of Zagreb Cardinal Josip BozaniŠ was held on the occasion of St. Vitus Day.(predsjednica.hr)



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