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1st April , 2015

"Manager20 - youth reshaping the future" in Zagreb, 22. to 24. April 


Using latin phrase to explain modern economy
Omnia mutantur. Everything changes.
The number of times you heard or used this expression would be a waste of time. But how many times have you really thought about consequences of a constant change?

What was the latest fashion trend two years ago, today is probably out. As adults we don't enjoy the same music we enjoyed as children. We change our taste, clothes, haircut... Even friends. Being an enterprise in such variable environment is pretty hard, don't you think?

Enterprises are not the only ones facing challenges of modern economy. What about us? Is college degree really enough? How do we gain work experience? Will our job exist in the future? How we fight against constant changes in our field?

Members of editorial board of student business nonprofit magazine “Manager” in cooperation with three nonprofit student organizations from the Faculty of Economics and Business Zagreb (Croatian Student Association, AIESEC Zagreb and Financial Club) were also intrigued by problems listed above. Guess what? Maybe we don't need to fight changes. Maybe we should think of global trends as an opportunity. Maybe we should learn from them as much as we can. We know that the best way of gaining additional knowledge is learning from other ambitious people, so we decided to organize the biggest student conference in East-Central Europe, conference "Manager20 - youth reshaping the future".

But why Manager20? This conference is also our way of celebrating Manager's 20th birthday.
During three days, the conference will cover challenging and inspiring topics. „AN ENTERPRISE IN THE MODERN ECONOMY – IN STEP WITH GLOBAL TRENDS“ the topic of the first day, where leadership, entrepreneurship, modern trends and startups will be discussed. The second day is dedicated to answering the question: „IS FACULTY DEGREE ENOUGH?“. Finally, the last day of the conference will cover the topic “SUCCESS THROUGH PASSION”. We will talk about self-growth, motivation and innovation. The third day of conference will answer many challenging questions and boost inspiration. By attending "Manager20 - youth reshaping the future", you will have the opportunity to gain experience and receive advice from our interesting international speakers who will present in English entirely. We are sure they will inspire you to have a positive view of your life and future goals.

Still not sure whether to apply or not? Remember: Travelling abroad isn't just fun, it's a way of investing in our future. But why should you experience Zagreb?

Nine hundred years old Croatia's capital is a city that has managed to preserve its soul and identity, its cultural and historical heritage. Take a city tour, have a coffee on the Floral Square, experience the nightlife and Croatian cuisine... The options are unlimited. Visit "Manager20 – youth reshaping the future" conference this April and spend three remarkable spring days in a city full of romantic parks and pedestrian zones.
Having that said, it's about time to exit your comfort zone and stop living within your limits. Take the most you can get by attending this conference. Reshape your future, do not be afraid of changes. Omnia mutantur, nos et mutamur in illis- Everything changes, and we change with it. :), ili 
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