prime ministar Milanovic April 15, 2014.
Prime ministar Zoran Milanovic meets with representatives of the Croatian Employers' Association (HUP) to discuss economic situation.

ZAGREB: Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic met with representatives of the Croatian Employers' Association (HUP) on Tuesday to discuss the economic situation in Croatia and abroad as well as possibilities of speeding up the country's economic recovery.

According to a government statement, the HUP representatives, headed by HUP Chairman Ivica Mudrinic, expressed their concern about certain economic indicators and expressed their common interest in dealing with those problems. In that regard they stressed the need to continue implementing short- and long-term reforms aimed at achieving the necessary growth and progress.

Milanovic said that it would take some time before the results of the reforms began to be felt. He noted that the country's industries had been destroyed over the last 20 years and that the years of growth had been spent on wrong things, which his government was now trying to correct, but which would take time, the statement said.

Also attending the meeting were the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Regional Development and EU Funds, Branko Grcic, and the Minister of Labour and Pension System, Mirando Mrsic. ( /HIA)

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