Prime minister Zoran MilanovicMarch 16,2014
Croatian Prime Minister Milanovic promises good conditions for investors
The visiting Croatian Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic on Sunday said in his address to New Zealand inhabitants of Croatian descent in Wellington that he did not arrive there to raise their money or muster their votes but that the purpose of his visit was to create conditions for investors.

Milanovic's visit to Wellington was the last stop of his Oceania tour and he started this tour in Australia on 8 March.

Commenting on his visit to Australia he said that it was marvelous except for a handful of those who were "a little bit louder". Some Croatian expats in Australia protested against Milanovic's arrival.

As for the Croatian community in New Zealand, Milanovic recalled that first Croatians to this island country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean had come some 100 years ago.

"These are sediments of Croatian emigration, an identity which has been composed over a long period. I am very happy to be here and I hope that some (of my successors) will come here soon, too," Milanovic said.

This cannot be measured by money, we have come as we care and the only message to these people is that we do not need their money or votes but we are here to make it possible for them to invest in Croatia, if they want so, Milanovic said in Wellington.

Asked by the ongoing public hearings in the Croatia-Serbia genocide case before the International Court of Justice and Serbia's attempt to draw a parallel between the events in Croatia in the 1990s and the Holocaust, Milanovic answered: "We know what the truth is. It is not a truth."


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