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Franjo Tudjman10th Deceber, 2014.
The fifteenth anniversary of the death dr. Franjo Tudjman ,
the first Croatian president and founder of HDZ political party

(1999.- 10.december- 2014.)

ZAGREB: On Wednesday in the morning wreaths were laid at Tudjman's grave at the cemetery Mirogoj in Zagreb the Tudjman's  family , HDZ's delegation (Tomislav Karamarko, Kolinda Grabar KitaroviŠ ), delegation of political parties - HSP AS, HSS, HDSSB, Association of Croatian generals and choir, Association of Croatian war veterans and widows of Croatian Homeland War and  others.
Also wreaths were laid at Tudjman's birthplace in Veliko TrgovišŠe, a village 40 kilometers from the capital.

On Wednesday, a conference was held at the Sharaton hotel and mass in the church. Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) has invited all its founders to participate in events to commemorate the death of Tudjman.

Speech of Dr.Miroslava Tudjman, son of President Tudjman

Croats still have a positive view  about Franjo Tudjman
A survey to gauge public opinion of Tudjman in Croatia 15 years after his death has also been published by polling agency Ipsos Puls.
The survey said that 56 per cent of the 600 people surveyed see Tudjman as positive figure, 27 per cent believe he had both positive and negative aspects, while 14 per cent regard him as a negative figure. The remaining three per cent were not sure what they thought of him.
Tudjman received  69  per cent of respondents  took a positive view of his role in the 1990s war.

Tudjman received less positive assessments when it came to human rights and foreign policy. For his role in the economy only 33 per cent rated him positively, for the role in process of privatisation of public property  only 19 per cent positive..

About  Tudjman’s governing style  47 per cent saying that he ruled democratically and 41 per cent saying his rule was autocratic.

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