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Elementary Croatian - Lesson 1


Dobro jutro, Ivane.
Dobro jutro, Marko.
Kako si?
Dobro, a ti?
Dobro sam, hvala.

Good morning, Ivan.
Good morning, Mark.
How are you?
I'm fine. And you?
Fine, thank you.


Ante: Dobar dan, Ivo.
Dobar dan, Ante. Ovo je moja prijateljica Marija.
Drago mi je. Kako ste, gospođice Marija?
Hvala dobro. Vi ste student?
Ante:Da, ja sam student. A Vi?
Ja sam studentica. Doviđenja.

Ante: Good afternoon, Ivo.
Ivo: Good afternoon, Ante. This is my friend Maria.
Ante: Pleased to meet you. How are you, Maria?
Marija: Fine, thank you. You're a student?
Ante: Yes, I'm a student. And you?
Marija: I am a student. Good-bye.
Ante: Good-bye.


Ivana: Dobra večer, Ana.
Ana: Dobra večer, Ivana. Ovo je Mate.
Ivana: Drago mi je. Ovo je moj prijatelj Ivo.
Ana: Milo mi je. Kako ste?
Ivo: Dobro, hvala, a Vi?
Ana: Vrlo dobro.

Ivana: Good evening, Ana.
Ana: Good evening, Ivana. This is Mate.
Ivana: Pleased to meet you. This is rny friend Ivo.
Ana: Nice to meet you. How are you ?
Ivo: Fine, thank you, and you?
Ana: Very well.


dobro jutro = good morning (up to about 10:00 A.M.)
kako si? = how are you? (singular)
dobro sam / ja sam dobro =I am fine, I am very well
hvala = thanks
moj prijatelj = my friend (masc.)
drago mi je/ milo mi je =Pleased to meet you/Nice to meet you
gospodica = Miss (addressing form "gospođice")
dobar dan = good afternoon from about 12: 00 A. M. to about 6: 30 P. M.)
kako ste? = how are you? (polite form of plural)
a ti? / a Vi? = and you?
vrlo dobro = very well
ovo je = this is
moja prijateljica = my friend (fem.)
dobra večer = good evening (from around 6: 30 P.M. )
gospodin = Mr. (addressing form "gospodine")

Some Greetings and Everyday Expressions

i = and
zdravo = hi, hello, bye
laka noć=good night
laku noć =good night
izvolite = please, here you are
(hvala...) nema na čemu = (thank you) .. you're welcome, don't mention it
doviđenja = bye, good-bye
zbogom = bye, good-bye
molim=please, you're welcome, I beg your pardon
ne = no
da = yes


Kako si ?
/How are you/
Dobro sam. /I'm fine/
Ovo je Ivo. /This is Ivo/
Ovo je polje. /This is a field/

Kako ste? /How are you/
Dobro sam? /We're fine/
Ovo su Ivo i Mate./This is Ivo & Mate/
Ovo su polja. /These are fields/

Instead of "ovo" one could use "to" (that), or "ono" (that over there).

  • Ovo je :grad (city, town), selo (village), škola (school), olovka (pencil)
  • ovo - to - ono : je moj prijatelj Ivo
  • ovo - to - ono su : sela (villages), prozori (windows), papiri (papers), škole (schools), olovke (pencils), gradovi (cities)

2. The Latin alphabet used by Croats has thirty graphemes.
It is ordered similarly to that of English, with additional letters found in appropriate places.

There are 5 vowels and 25 consonants. The grapheme "r" can be considered both a vowel and a consonant.

The vowels are: a, e, i, o, u + r

According to the tongue position (front to back), we have the following "vocalic triangle":

Low a&r Low
Mid e o Med
High i u High
Front Back

The consonants are:

b, c, ć, č, d, dž, đ, f, g, h, j, k, l, Ij, m, n, nj, p, s, š, t, v, z, ž + r

  Letter Name of Letter Prounounced as   Letter Name of Letter Prounounced as
1. A a a father 16. L l el look, lot
2. B b be bell 17. Lj lj elj million
3. C c ce cats, its 18. M m em man
4. Č č če cheap 19. N n en not
5. Ć ć će *get you 20. Nj nj enj news
6. D d de dollar 21. O o o *for
7. Dž dž dže jug 22. P p pe pit
8. Đ đ đe *would you 23. R r er *bread
9. E e e bet 24. S s es pass
10. F f ef father 25. Š š shead
11. G g ge get,good 26. T t te two, top
12. H h ha hot 27. U u u room
13. I i i she, cheese 28. V v ve vote
14. J j je boys, yes 29. Z z ze zeal
15. K k ke cat, kin 30. Ž ž že leisure

In Croatian there are no diphthongs. E.g. auto (car) = a-u-to, Europa (Europe) E-u-ro-pa, samouk (self taught), sa-mo-uk, etc.


Ovo je samo kratki izvadak iz Lesson 1., Elementary Croatian 1.
This web page contains only a short extract from Lesson 1 of Elementary Croatian 1.

Povratak na katalog in Croatian


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