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The Croatian Information Centre
(further in this text: HIC) is a
non-government, non-party and non-profit company which was founded in the 1991 war year.
Already in August of 1991, HIC commenced to open press centres (Foreign Press Bureau) in Zagreb, Split, Zadar, Vinkovci, Osijek, Slavonski Brod and throughout Bosnia-Herzegovina. These press centres became the first stopover for foreign journalists reporting on the war in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina and a place where they sought necessary information about the situation on the front-lines, arranged for translating services, field guides and other services.

At the same time, HIC commenced its publishing activities: up to the present, 150 books, brochures, posters and video-cassettes have been released about the history of Croatia and war suffering; all this in the English, Croatian, German, Spanish, French and Italian languages. From the very beginning, intensive cooperation was formed with Croatian émigrés, who, based on HIC information from the field and with the assistance of written, audio and video material, lobbied in their domicile countries for the interests of the Republic of Croatia. HIC publications were dispatched to American Congressmen and Senators, the highest government officials and non-government institutions throughout the world, as well as the most important libraries and editors of reputable world papers.

HIC TV program

By the end of 1993, HIC initiated the Croatian Satellite TV program for North America which daily broadcast 3.5 hours of television programming, including the main Croatian Radio-Television news program - 'Dnevnik'. The Croatian Satellite TV program in North America is a valued source of information for many Croatian households, associations, clubs, Catholic parishes, and the like.


The Croatian Information Centre web site is located at the address http://www.hic.hr (available in the Croatian, English and Spanish languages). The pages are updated daily, while an extended version of the news is sent through eleven mailing lists to electronic addresses throughout the entire world.

newspaper DOM I SVIJET

HIC also publishes 'Dom i svijet', an eight-page lift-out issued every Monday in the international edition of Večernji list (40 000 copies), intended foremostly for Croatian emigrants that live and work in Europe.


The Croatian Information Centre is financed through the sale of its publications and advertising space in HIC-portal www.hic.hr.

Most users of the Croatian Information Centre services are domestic and foreign journalists, Croats and Croatian organisations in the world, educational, religious and charitable organisations, as well as various international bodies.
Alongside the independent work of the Croatian Information Centre field workers, sources of information are domestic and foreign news agencies and television networks, government ministries and institutions of the Republic of Croatia, domestic and foreign companies and business people and various non-government bodies.


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