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14th September 2020.
In Memory Of Croatian Civilians Massacred In Uzdol

Uzdol, a victim of the Muslim massacre
photo: a victim of the Muslim massacre in Uzdol

On September 14, 1993, forces of the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina attacked the small mountain village of Uzdol in the Rama region in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The attack happened early in the morning, surprising numerous inhabitans in their sleep. In the willage were killd 41 people, 29 civilians and 12 Croatian soldiers (HVO).

Associated press 16 Sept 1993 (reporter George Jahn)

“The United Nations issued an unusually direct and detailed statement condemning Muslim-led government troops for the massacre, which it called a ”cowardly atrocity.”

The killings took place Tuesday in Kriz, near the village of Uzdol in central Bosnia. Lt. Col. Bill Aikman, a spokesman for U.N. peacekeepers, said a British commander reported seeing at least 35 bodies, mostly of elderly people and including one young girl.

The U.N. statement said 70 to 100 Bosnian government soldiers launched an early morning attack on the hamlet, luring out Croat villagers. Government forces then crept around the Croat positions and attacked the Croat command in the village, killing two Croat soldiers, it said.

”This group then retreated, murdering the remaining population with firearms, knives and axes, and setting fire to some houses,” it said.
(by Ina VukiŠ)

Only one person was convicted of the crime

On April 18, 1994, the Ministry of the Interior of HR Herceg-Bosna filed a criminal complaint against members of the so-called The BiH Army suspects in crimes against the population in Uzdol: military commander of the so-called Army of Bosnia & Herzegovina general Sefer Halilovic , Enver Buza (commander of the Muslim forces that killed civilians in Uzdol), Zaim Hera and Smail Hera. Police records, witness statements, a list of massacred persons in Uzdol, photo documentation of the crime scene and the location of the mascara, and autopsy records of the victims were attached.

Sefer Halilovic was acquitted in court in The Hague, due to allegedly insufficient evidence of involvement.
Halilovic was tried in The Hague, and was acquitted due to allegedly insufficient evidence of involvement.

Only Enver Buza was convicted for the crime in Uzdol, in 2019 he received 12 years in prison.





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