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This is a shorter way to your guests! pr
We find them directly and inform them of your tourist offer.

(text and photo ads, banners, brand stickers, audio and video clips)
-MEDIA SUPPORT (news and  PR releases informations)

Location of service:

HIA-portal tourism section

Features of the offered positions:
Internet positions with excellent Google search rankings, rank 6/10 and 5/10, 6800 daily visits by local and foreign visitors (Croatia 46 %, foreign 41 %, unknown origin 13 %), each visitor on average browses 4,5 pages and on average spends 5 to 15 minutes, the HIC portal has been on the Internet since 1994 and is extremely large with over 600 pages, receiving its section dedicated to tourism in 2003. Both portals are active 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and are updated daily.

From the 2009.
1. we have brought the tourism section even closer to foreign tourists by providing texts in multiple languages and photos emphasizing the features of each region; tourists can select and directly book accommodation from one location,
2. we have even greater presence on the foreign market because we have initiated the tourism newsletter, which we will send on a regular basis directly to foreign recipients, who we have targeted. The contents are always different, in several languages, and we use it as an additional promotion of our partners,
3. we have intensified media support of our partners with PR and other information about our portals,
4.we will announce on our portals and holiday programs prepared by advertisers -  Christmas, New Year, Easter, May 1st pages ....
5. we have introduced new forms of promotion such as video and audio clips, Google ad words, Facebook promotions and others forms which are more noticeable when browsing the Internet,
6.we have banners positions on our tuirist sites that is accessible to all of our partners.

PRICE LIST (1 price, 2 portals) / in HRKn

............. 0,3 Kn /1 e-mail address + VAT

We send the tourism newsletter  or  promo brochures to over 6800 foreign individual recipients , one distributions per month.

2. INTERNET PROMOTION ON THE TOURIST WEB PAGES  - ad hava s position on the tourism page (2 web pages):

. Basic position - below the 10-th place
in the corresponding region and category:
- text ad (text, address, contact)...................300 Kn/1year + VAT
- ad with photo *(1 to 3 apartements) .......... 500 Kn/1year + VAT
- ad with photo *(others) ............................ 900 Kn/1year + VAT

* picture + brand logo + text + contact + web site

2.2. Top-positions - from 1st to 10th position on the page.
The basic price is increased by:
1st  position  1800 HRK      6th position   1350 HRK
2nd position  1710 HRK      7th position   1260 HRK
3rd position  1620 HRK      8th position   1170 HRK
4th position  1530 HRK      9th position   1080 HRK
5th position  1440 HRK    10th position     990 HRK  
VAT is to be added to the prices

DISCOUNT: for 3 to 7 subjects ad  10%,  8 to 10 subjects ad  15 %, mor thena 11 subjects ad 20%

Price.................................... 400 Kn / 1 month + VAT

Label has promotional material (logo brand, video,audio clips, archiv news,
Facebook profile, blogs and other forms of internet advertising).
For example

1. for all the contractual value: publication of special programs (Christmas, New Year, Easter, 1st May ...) on the cover our web portals and specialy prepared web sites is free of charge.
2. for all the contractual value: media suport on our web portals
i is  free of charge
3.1. for the contractual value   901 Kn - 2000 Kn + VAT, 1 distribution tourist letter (4500 individual recipient in abroad) free of charge,
3.2  for the contractual value 2001 Kn - 4500 Kn + VAT, 2 distribution tourist letter (6000 individual recipient in abroad) free of charge
3.3. for the contractual value 4501 Kn - 7000 Kn + VAT  3 distribution tourist letter ( 4x3000 individual recipient in abroad) free of char
3.5. for the contractual over  7000 Kn + VAT  bonus distribution is not bonus limited.
4. for the contractual over  6000 Kn + VAT separate corner for advertisers is free of charge
5. for the contractual separate corner over 6 month free of charge one basic position on the tourist page in the corresponding
region and category  (one year).

4. MEDIA SUPORT service is free of charge for all advertisers.
PR and other releases are placed in the news-tourism news section of the portal homepages (Croatian, English, Spanish). Releases and announcements, as well as other information are provided by the advertiser  archived later stored in the arciheve,  look at VALAMAR archive .

1. banner positions : on the coverage web portala -TOP position 468x60 pix (one place, more banners) or on the touristic page -
TOP-positions 468x60 pix , 130 x 60 pix and on the right site  145 x 90 pix, 145 x 145 pix, 145 x 280 pix ,  max 30 KB (request price).
3. Open Facebook profile and promotions on Facebook network .(request price)
Look at HIC network on Facebook

Inclusion procedure: materials are taken from the websites of advertisers (photo, address, tel/fax, email, web address) and are placed in the tourism section in the corresponding region and category (hotels, private accommodation, marinas, camps,  rural tourism, winter tourism, travel agencies / tourist boards, restaurants, wine roads.). The inclusion order, except for TOP-positions, takes place according to the order in which partner orders are received. The first orders will be better positioned

Order and payment
:  e-mail order , payment on our acount.

Thank you for cooperation.
Ffor more information please contact us.

Medulićeva 13, 10000 ZAGREB, CROATIA
Tel/Fax  +385-1-4848 634, l l   

Zagreb, 2010,September


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